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30 Amp 208V Single Phase - FLOOR RATE


Electrical Service - 30 AMP 208V SINGLE PHASE



  • 1. Claims will not be considered unless filed by exhibitor prior to close of Exposition. 
  • 2. Under no circumstances shall anyone other than MBCC Electricians make electrical connections. 
  • 3. All equipment must be properly tagged with complete information as to voltage, current, phase, cycles and horsepower. 
  • 4. MBCC Electricians are authorized to cut floor coverings to permit installation of service. 
  • 5. All material and equipment furnished by the MBCC for this service order shall remain the MBCC's property and shall be removed only by the MBCC at the close of the show. 
  • 6. Any electrical cords or equipment connection must be grounded. 
  • 7. Rates quoted include providing electrical service to the rear of the booth. Additional labor to provide electrical service throughout the booth will be billed at the rate shown above.
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